Indoor Air Quality


We regularly highlight the importance of ensuring a good indoor air and the central role state-of-the-art ventilation and filtration technologies play in this respect. Eurovent does so in close cooperation with REHVA as well as leading universities and research institutes from Europe and the Middle East.

Throughout the past decades, there has been a wide-ranging scientific debate on IAQ. Private and public organisations have tackled this issue through various initiatives and reports. While energy efficiency receives a strong attention of the public and policymakers, IAQ is not yet there.

Given that people spend around 90 percent of their time indoors, we believe that this situation should be changed. This is also being supported by the following arguments — to name just a few:

  • The short, mid and long-term cost savings and health-related benefits through providing. Healthy indoor air are unneglectable and have been proven through multiple academic contributions.
  • Reducing the energy demand of a building or product saves costs on the energy side.
  • Providing a healthy indoor air results in positive impacts on, for example, human health or work performance. These effects deserve more attention in life cycle cost calculations and legislation.
  • We see ourselves confronted with a growing world population that has a longer life expectancy. The global costs for healthcare are projected to increase exponentially. Ensuring healthy indoor spaces can slow down this increase.

It is our joint aim to raise awareness on the importance of a healthy indoor air among the public and policy makers. We emphasise that #IAQmatters, which constitutes the hashtag of an awareness raising campaign our members have initiated. Eurovent Middle East and its members work towards IAQ finding its way into standards and legislation throughout the region.

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