Securing and expanding business

A clear majority of the more than 1.000 organisations within our network manufacture their technologies in Europe and/or the Middle East. By doing so, they create sustainable, highly-skilled jobs in important areas of the secondary and primary sector. These companies are significant contributors to national public accounts and play an important role for the development of the regions they are based in.

At Eurovent Middle East, we want to contribute to an environment that enables these manufacturers to secure and expand their business not only in their home country, but also on an international level. To ensure this, Eurovent and its members stand for a sensitively regulated market that enables manufacturers to act in a true level-playing field. Hand in hand, we work towards diminishing unfair and indirect trade barriers caused through, for example, different interpretations of international standards on a national level, or various types of certificates required to enter certain markets.

Learning from one another

AOur members are based in or active in the Middle East, with their own factories or distribution offices, often looking back at decades of experience in coping with high-ambient conditions. We also count regional manufacturers as members, which play an active role not only within Eurovent Middle East, but also within the Eurovent Association in Brussels. The experiences made in the Middle East are of high value to Europe and vice-versa. Eurovent Middle East is committed to improve and further substantiate technological exchange.

Capacity building is one of the biggest challenges for the region, as the economic development constantly outgrows the number of skilled staff available. Our members do their best in training their own people. Yet, we believe that it requires a more coordinated effort of authorities and other industry sectors to cope with future demands. Eurovent Middle East is committed to support each initiative in this area in close cooperation with partners across the region.

The importance of standards

Standards are key for the internationalisation of our industry, ensuring the safety and quality of products and services, facilitating international trade and improving the environment in which we live in. The many EN and ISO standards applicable to our industry draw on international expertise and experience and are therefore a vital resource for governments when developing public policy. ISO standards can also remove barriers to world trade by providing the technical basis on which political trade agreements can be put into practice, whether they are at the regional or international level.

As an industry, we have been and are involved in the development of hundreds of EN and ISO standards. We support the wide-spread implementation of the latter around the globe, and strongly oppose the bi-lateral promotion of non-ISO standards as technical trade barriers. We also encourage the homogenisation of standards across the Middle East to achieve more transparency, easier implementation and higher compliance throughout the industry.

Sustainable development initiatives

Our members in Europe look back at long-term experiences with strategies such as ‘EU 2020’ or ‘EU 2030’, which aim to help the EU achieve a more competitive, secure and sustainable energy system and to meet its long-term 2050 greenhouse gas reductions target. Measures introduced since 2009 such as the minimum energy efficiency standards for HVACR products within the so-called Ecodesign framework, or the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), constitute key measures in helping to achieve these strict strategic targets.

While the EU strategies might not be one on one the same as, for example, the 2021 and 2030 strategies of Middle Eastern countries, our extensive experiences made could help the region to achieve its targets. Each country aims to be the best, diversifying its economy while creating a sustainable future for their citizens. Eurovent Middle East and its members want to offer practical solutions to Middle East leaders that allow them to achieve exactly this without a need to reinvent the wheel.

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