Eurovent Middle East - the representative of Eurovent members based in and/or active in the Middle East region.


The Eurovent Association is a fully service-oriented, not-for-profit organisation — admiring its members and their innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable solutions that enable a better quality of life to people across the globe. As a cross-regional association, we value and understand regional diversity, but also recognise a global environment that reinforces the need for an ever-stronger cooperation and the ability to speak with one voice based on democratic decision-making processes. Eurovent constantly encourages a level-playing field for the entire industry, ranging from many small and mediumsized enterprises to international corporations.

Fairness and transparency

The structure of the Eurovent Association rests upon achieving a consensus. Where this is not possible, By-Laws define democratic decision-making procedures. Eurovent represents more than 1.000 companies of all sizes spread widely across 20+ European and Middle Eastern countries, which are all treated equally.

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